Tips on how to pack up your house prior to relocation

You’ve decided to move. You will have to start packing at least a month prior to relocation, but where do you start?

First off, know what packing items you will need:

  • cardboard boxes of all sizes. Heavier items should go in smaller boxes; light items can be packed in larger boxes. If a large box is too heavy there is a chance it will break or open.
  • large clear plastic bags so you can see what is inside without opening them.
  • rope to tie together items of a similar length and size (shovels, brooms, skis, etc.)
  • Many rolls of industrial strength packing tape, Preferably the type that can be written on with permanent marker.
  • Permanent marker (s)
  • Orange FRAGILE stickers. It’s a good idea to write ‘fragile’ on the box, but an orange sticker will catch the eye of the carrier easier than a black marker.

Don’t run out and pick up twenty boxes, unless you plan on packing twenty boxes right away. Pick up as many as you think you will pack at one time. It’s very frustrating to have a bunch of empty boxes hanging around the house. Willamette Express will refund full price for unused boxes you purchase from Willamette Express LTD Moving & Storage.

It’s a good idea to begin with those items that are already packed, such as seasonal clothes, holiday ornaments, etc. Anything that is already bagged or boxed and will not get broken in transit doesn’t need to be repacked.

Many people put their seasonal clothes in bags and store them until they are needed. Part of the work is already done for you. Don’t repack it, unless there is a chance that something can get broken.

In the case of bags of clothes, clear bags are ideal because you can see the contents. Write the name of the person the items belong to. This will make it easier when you arrive at the new location.

Small boxes of pre-packed seasonal items, can be packaged into a larger box as long as they are not too heavy. A large heavy box can potentially break or open. Keep heavier items in smaller boxes if possible.

Seasonal items that are shaped inappropriately for a box or bag can be grouped and tied with rope. This is a good idea for skis, shovels, etc. Finely, just before the movers arrive take a sticker and mark the destination room with a number and put in on the box. Draw out a legible map of the house and mark the rooms with numbers and the movers can place the items as they come off the truck in the appropriate location. For more ways to efficiently prepare for your move, Call Willamette Express LTD World Wide Moving & Storage and we will help you save on your relocation. Willamette Express LTD also offers complete white glove service.

Sit back and watch our certified Professional movers transform your new location into your new home.