Trends In Relocating

Trends in Relocating

Our continued unstable economy is forcing a lot of people who have only lived in one or two locations like Portland or Seattle to consider relocating where there are more jobs.  Within the US markets, certain markets have stabilized while others continue to be bogged down.  Southwestern and Mid-Atlantic states continue to be popular move to choices.  These areas offer warm weather, affordable costs of living and good education and health care systems.  They also offer the Tier 1 salaries that many professionals are looking for.

Other trends in relocation include an influx of people moving to Florida, California and Arizona for the more temperate climates a more choices of things to do and ways to relax.  Still, the Portland market is improving and the unemployment rates are flattening, our market is still attractive and you may know a lot of people wanting to move her.

Whether you are considering moving to a “hot market” or you know someone looking to move to the Northwest, consider Willamette Express.  We have the experience to handle virtually any move and we are generally less expensive than our competition.  Give us a call.