Countdown To Moving: Two Weeks To Go

Time is tight now and you should begin to think about the actual physical move including all the following:

Clean areas of your home as you are packing, the more you clean now the less you’ll clean later.

Items you will need immediately should all go in one or two special boxes that you can have moved in first.

Get your kids involved in the details so they feel they are part of the process, as studies show kids need time to process change and the more time you give them the better
they will adjust to the change.

Call back to confirm everything, the movers, the utilities, friends who said they’d help, get everyone and everything committed to.

Cancel all services today for the date of the move, no need to pay for utilities for someone else.

Continue to use up perishable food, don’t buy any more, try and used up old dried goods as well.

Get all your prescriptions filled so you won’t have to deal with that during the move or shortly after.

CONFIRM your days off with employers, some employers need constant reminding, get it in writing so you don’t
jeopardize your job to move.

Try and relax and feel good that you are so organized, double check these blogs to make sure you have thought of everything.

Again, I hope this series will help alleviate the tension and stress of a move because the more you know and the more you prepare, the better it will