Question-Will My Belongings Be Transferred During My Move?

For longer distance moves some moving companies may transfer belongings from one truck to another. These transfers risk loss or damage to your valuable possessions and should be reduced or eliminated if possible. Keep this in mind before you choose your long distance mover. Also ask about precautions taken during rainy or snowy weather,does your mover address these addtional concerns. At Willamette Express we want you to ask the questions because we have the answers to perform a worry free move, whether it’s across the town or accross the country, we’re here to answer your questions.


Jon Calvin

Question: Do You Charge Additional Fees?

Another vital question to ask your potential mover is do you charge any additional fees? Many companies charge extra fees for awkward items that are unusual in shape or weight or when the access to such items are difficult and even when the delivery place is unusual. Of course, much of this is subjective and can be answered in a straightforward fashion prior to the actual move by your moving company. Some moving companies will not ask any questions and then tack on charges after the fact. At Willamette Express, we want to answer all your questions right up front and be aware of any special needs so we can plan accordingly and quote the correct rate. Also we want to bring any special equipment needed to provide safe transport of your possessions. So when in doubt ask, ask, ask, there are no bad questions when it comes to moving your household or business.