Willamette Express Preferred Vendors-Painting

Nothing can spruce up an apartment or home faster than a great paint job. With that I recommend someone I’ve worked with for a long time that will do it right the first time:
Dream Weaver Painting.
Fine Wood Finish
New Construction
Single-Family Houses
Multi-Family Dwellings
Light Industrial

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Willamette Express Preferred Vendors-Real Estate

The real estate industry and the moving industry are tied together like peanut butter and jelly and so I’m always being asked to refer a quality Realtor. Anyone who has ever bought or sold does not need to be told that for most people, the real estate transaction is the biggest single purchase and decision in most people’s lives. The affects of making a good or bad decision on who to sell or help you buy will have ramifications for years and years after the transaction has been long completed.

With all this in mind I recommend Peter Clark with Keller Williams. Peter or one his agents are the experienced real estate professionals that you need for this important time in your life. You can reach Peter Clark at 503-924-3545 and he is there to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget, whether you are buying or selling, Willamette Express is here to be your be your mover, to give you a moving experience that is personal and caring and always price competitive.